L1_Mus3_5end (DF0004186)

Non-LTR retrotransposon in mouse - fragment before ORF2.


This is the 5'end of L1B_MM in RepBase. It is ~80% similar to L1VL1_5end 223-1128. The 3'end of L1B_MM was known as L1_Mus3_3end, hence the name change.


Accession Name Wikipedia
Type Retrotransposon Article
Class LINE
Superfamily Unknown

Hit Statistics

The model is 1028 positions long. The average length of non-redundant hits to the model is 211.3. This table shows the number of hits above score thresholds:

Species Gathering Trusted
non-redundant all hits non-redundant all hits
Mus musculus 1483 83034 1062 66668

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  • Repbase : L1B_MM [Requires Repbase registration]