L1-1_DR (DF0002316)

L1-like non-LTR retrotransposon from zebrafish


This element is characterized by 12-bp target site duplications. It could be an active element. It encodes two L1-like proteins: a 294-aa, probably RNA/DNA binding gag protein (positions 172-1053) and a pol protein (positions 1665-5489) composed of AP endonuclease (aa positions 1-200) and reverse transcriptase domains.


Accession Name Wikipedia
Type Retrotransposon Article
Class LINE
Superfamily L1

Hit Statistics

The model is 5811 positions long. The average length of non-redundant hits to the model is 669.2. This table shows the number of hits above score thresholds:

Species Gathering Trusted
non-redundant all hits non-redundant all hits
Danio rerio 233 3560 173 1956

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