DOC (DF0001587)

DOC LINE-like retrotransposon.


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  1. DNA sequence of the Doc retroposon in the white-one mutant of Drosophila melanogaster and of secondary insertions in the phenotypically altered derivatives white-honey and white-eosin.
    O'Hare K, Alley MR, Cullingford TE, Driver A, Sanderson MJ;
    Mol Gen Genet 1991;225:17-24. Pubmed


Accession Name Wikipedia
Type Retrotransposon Article
Class LINE
Superfamily Jockey

Hit Statistics

The model is 4725 positions long. The average length of non-redundant hits to the model is 2281.3. This table shows the number of hits above score thresholds:

Species Gathering Trusted
non-redundant all hits non-redundant all hits
Drosophila melanogaster 237 2033 225 1613

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