Tigger4b (DF0000846)

TcMar-Tigger DNA transposon, Tigger4b subfamily (non-autonomous)


Tigger4b is an adjustment of ZOMBI_B, with a >100bp internal segment of ZOMBI_B removed. This has 26 bp TIRs, and "TA" TSDs.

Synonyms: ZOMBI_B


  1. Tiggers and DNA transposon fossils in the human genome.
    Smit AF, Riggs AD;
    Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 1996;93:1443-1448 Pubmed

  2. Identification of new medium reiteration frequency repeats in the genomes of Primates, Rodentia and Lagomorpha.
    Jurka J, Kapitonov VV, Klonowski P, Walichiewicz J, Smit AF;
    Genetica ;98:235-47 Pubmed


Accession Name Wikipedia
Type DNA Transposon Article
Class Cut and Paste
Superfamily TcMar-Tigger

Hit Statistics

The model is 361 positions long. The average length of non-redundant hits to the model is 259.7. This table shows the number of hits above score thresholds:

Species Gathering Trusted
non-redundant all hits non-redundant all hits
Homo sapiens 2120 12164 1977 8723

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