PABL_A (DF0000231)

Long Terminal Repeat for PABL_A endogenous retrovirus


PABL_A is the LTR associated with PABL_A-int.


  1. A boundary of long-range G + C% mosaic domains in the human MHC locus: pseudoautosomal boundary-like sequence exists near the boundary.
    Fukagawa T, Sugaya K, Matsumoto K, Okumura K, Ando A, Inoko H, Ikemura T;
    Genomics 1995;25:184-191 Pubmed


Accession Name Wikipedia
Type Retrotransposon Article
Class LTR Article
Superfamily ERV1 Article

Hit Statistics

The model is 660 positions long. The average length of non-redundant hits to the model is 534.6. This table shows the number of hits above score thresholds:

Species Gathering Trusted
non-redundant all hits non-redundant all hits
Homo sapiens 547 973 538 922

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