About Dfam

Dfam is a database of repetitive DNA elements organized around profile hidden Markov models (HMMs) built using alignments generated by the most-used TE annotation tool, RepeatMasker, using the database of the TE database, Repbase.

Dfam version 2.0 was produced at the Univerity of Montana and the Institute for Systems Biology. Dfam is built upon on a sequence database called dfamseq, which contains reference assemblies ( including non-placed contigs and mitochondrial DNA ) for human [hg38], mouse [mm10], zebrafish [danRer10], worm [ce10], and fly [dm6].

Dfam is freely available under the Creative Commons Zero ("CC0") license.

Dfam is powered by nhmmer, which is a part of the HMMER3 package and was written by Travis Wheeler (University of Montana) and Sean Eddy (HHMI, Harvard University).

Dfam Team

University of Montana

  • Travis Wheeler

Institute for Systems Biology

  • Robert Hubley
  • Arian Smit

European Bioinformatics Institute

  • Rob Finn

Harvard University

  • Sean Eddy
  • Tom Jones

HHMI Janelia Farm Research Campus

  • Jody Clements
  • Bill Arndt

Genetic Information Research Institute

  • Jerzy Jurka
  • Weidong Bao